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“I started at Gritstone in October 2019 after moving back to Manchester as someone that always kind of liked exercise but just never really knew what to do in the gym. Since then I’ve become happier, healthier, stronger (but I’m still working on that!), more confident and made a tonne of friends along the way. It’s funny to think that the majority of my time with Gritstone has been spent actually outside of the box, because I don’t feel any less part of the community for it. My favourite part is that you are constantly learning new skills and trying to better yourself, and you have people around you that will genuinely celebrate your successes. Gritstone basically kept me sane and actually improved my fitness hugely through lockdown and I can’t wait to get back, see everyone and see where the next 18 months take me.”

Bethan Newton’s story

“Started, August 2019. – Gritstone has helped to grow my confidence in such a huge way! I am fitter & stronger than I have ever been. Each individual member at some point has encouraged my training through cheering me on to get that weight up or to pick myself up through a workout I don’t think I can get through. – Gritstone very quickly became my happy place! Favourite part; community. A place where I can just be myself and train with people that just enjoy training. With people that support & encourage you to hit those PB’s. – 100% recommend! No question. Fitter, stronger, friends.”

Samantha Rigby (Sam)’s story

“I started at Gritstone way back in November 2015. I originally went on the suggestion of a friend to go help support, what was at the time, a new venture. I thought why not, it sounds fun and I have nothing to lose. It was the greatest suggestion ever made to me. I’d never stuck at fitness previously, it had no real interest for me. Becoming a member at Gritstone changed that attitude, but even more it changed my lifestyle, my health and fitness all for the better (I gave up smoking after being there only 6 months!) I’m nearly 30 now, yet I am by far in the fittest condition and best physical health I have ever been. I can go faster, for longer and lift heavier than I ever imagined – and I’m still pushing. It’s reached the point where I truly do notice it in my day to day life (it definitely made moving house a lot easier!). This is all completely down to Gritstone and its coaches. I have been asked if it is just a love of CrossFit, but it is way more than that. I have two CrossFit Boxes closer to my home, but I cannot imagine myself doing CrossFit anywhere other than Gritstone. There is not a single thing I don’t love about this place. The quality of the coaching, programing and equipment, the atmosphere and the network of support within the Box, how much the coaches actually care about the health, wellbeing and progress of every single individual who comes through the door. They have truly changed my life for the better. Every day I am inspired by the people of Gritstone to be both a better CrossFitter and a better person. I have made friendships that I believe will last the rest of my life (can’t imagine many people can say they’ve made that good a friend with the random stranger next to them in the gym). I think this is my favourite thing about Gritstone: it is not just a place of fitness – it is a community, a support network, a therapy group, a team and a safe place. You don’t just improve your physical health at Gritstone, but your mental health too. I don’t think you can really ask for more than that. So yes, I can recommend Gritstone without a single moment’s hesitation. You don’t need to be fit before you go (I definitely wasn’t!), it is 100% accessible for everyone. The coaches will work with you, guide you, support you and get you to your goals. So give it a go, you truly have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

Pete Rigney’s story

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