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Richard Hill owner of Gritstone CrossFit

Richard Hill - OWNER

I’m Richard, people call me Tricky. I’ve been doing CrossFit 8 or 9 years now. I passed my Level 1 coaching certificate in California in 2014, then the Level 2 CrossFit course, the British Weightlifting course, CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Kids certifications. I also have a degree in Sport & Exercise Science. I was introduced to CrossFit by friends and family; I’m from a group who all love health and being active so they all were sending me videos of these crazy-fit athletes killing workouts and said I should try.

I began competing in fitness events shortly afterwards and since then CrossFit has given me a career, lots of travel and some lifelong memories. I have done thousands of workouts over the years and my three favourites are Fran for its lactic acid bath, King Kong for its 205kg deadlifts, and Amanda for its muscle ups. (If you have NO IDEA what I just said, let’s chat, you’ll love it) Coaching is truly my passion and I believe that teaching the fundamentals is the most important thing we can do; I love coaching people through their first deadlifts and squats, introducing new people to fitness and performance. I’m most proud of our varied membership at GritStone. Everyone is truly welcome and I love its such a mix of backgrounds and skillsets. We welcome everyone and come together like a team. The best way to get on my good side is to bring a coffee when I’m coaching lunch class, and my pet peeve is when I lose the remote for the clock! It’s so annoying. See you all in class; remember to bring your best enthusiasm to class, I’ll bring everything else. Except for the coffee.

OUR coaches

Lee Newburn coach at Gritstone CrossFit

Lee Newburn


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Sophie Shorrock coach at Gritstone CrossFit

Sophie Shorrock


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